We believe the UI speaks for itself and can be used without any learing curves by the users. However, under the hood of the simplified user interface are some powerful tools and features. Our introduction videos below will help with a quick start. And for anything else:

Read the docs

We work on the Documentation Wiki and the estimated time of arrival is early June 2020. It will also include embedded video tutorials.

Watch some videos

Explore the Desktop App Explore the Mobile Apps Explore the Web App Explore the System Console


Without the power of Open-Source Stacks, Libraries and Frameworks, it would not be possiblle to build such an great product and service. Our Code is as well opensource and you can easy check it by your self and extend. We have also published a brief summary of what great opensource projects made it possible, even if some refactoring and some extensive work was required to make it fit.


For the qTeams Server, Mobile and Desktop Apps, there is a Marketplace built into the Application. We contiously increase the available Bots and Plugins. If you have a special requirement, do not hesitate to contact us.


Do we have a Roadmap? Yes of course. Our team works continously on new stuff from feedbacks and also what we believe, would make sense.

Suggestions? Ideas? Send it to us. We are pretty open minded and straight forward. But you can also use Zapier, Automat, Integromat, Webhooks and the API, to do almost everything out of the Box. Knowledge of Golang. Phyton. NodeJS, Electron, coffee and some brownies helps to stay on the path.