Standard Business Enterprise
Monthly price $ 29 $ 49 $ 99
Hosting Environment
Deployed as qTeams hosted Cloud PrivateCloud HA-Node PrivateCloud HA-Node
included Team Members 5 10 15
included Guest-Accounts 1000 5000 10000
Additional Team Members $ 2.99 $ 3.49 $ 7.49
Messenger Features
All Desktop Apps & Mobile Apps
Slack import
Encrypted Video & Audio Calling
Voicemessage record & send
Shortcuts & Slash Commands
Comprehensive Chat Search
Attachement & Meta Search
qWebMeet & Conferencing Features
qWebMeet with Screensharing & Video
qTeamMeet with Multi-user Whiteboard, Screensharing & Presentation
qTeamMeet Webinar & Classrooms
Bots & Plugin Features
SumUp Bot for Team Feedback & Reports
RSS Bot for Pulling Newsfeed to a Channel
Poll Bot to create fast & easy Polls
Bot Accounts Settings
Notification Features
Auto Message-Responder by DND/Offline
Customizable Push Settings for App Notification
Customizable E-Mail Reminder / Notifications
E-Mail Integration Features
IMAP Integration for Pulling Mails to a Channel
Reply by E-Mail by DND / Off to a missed Chat
Outlook Plugin
Custom SMTP Server & Sender
Cloud / PrivateCloud Filestore Integration
qShare Integration
Plugin Access qTeams Marketplace
DropBox Integration
OneNote Integration
GitHub Integration
GitLab Integration
GitLab Own Server Integration
User Management / SingleSignOn
AD / LDAP Integration
Office 365 Integration
Google oAuth
Github oAuth SignUp/In
GitLab oAuth SignUp/In
Using qTeams as your SSO oAuth Master
2 Factor Authentification (MFA)
Automatisation & API Features
Rest API / GraphQL
Incoming Webhooks
Outgoing Webhooks
Zapier (700K Apps)
Automat (500K) Apps
Integrat (700K Apps)
PSTN & GSM Telephony Integrations
QloudPBX UC* (vPBX with Global Porting-In)
ping nextGen PBX* (vPBX with Global Porting-In)
Special Enterprise Features
BlockChain Global Federate with ACL
Data Compliance for Archive & Export & Deletion
Special hardening for special environments Request Quote
Custom Push Notification Server
ML & A.I. self learning Chatbots Request Quote Request Quote
qTeams On Premise Setup Request Quote Request Quote
WebMeet & Conferencing On Premise Setup Request Quote Request Quote Request Quote
Support & SLA
Best effort over HelpdDesk & Mail
SLA Support with TTO/TTR